Blockchain Dev Series - Bitcoin Cash

Blockchain Dev Series - Bitcoin Cash

In Blockchain Dev Series I plan to summarize the main information about any crypto coin I work with.

I have to write REST API for several coins in one of my projects. So treat these posts as CheatSheet for Blockchain.

Name: Bitcoin Cash

Ticker Symbol: BCH

Website: Bitcoin cash.

Wikipedia: Bitcoin Cash

Full Node: Bitcoin Cash Node Website or GitHub


Tesnet blocks and transactions can be seen following this link. This example displays details of transaction 1725ce38409f453efc489c30aaf7e81c74be3c08e1d9ef6defb1f481a60923d1.

Testnet Coins

You can testnet coins for development from these websites:

  2. (Currently under maintenance)

Integration with NodeJS

To develop your own apps with Bitcoin Cash you can use the npm package called bitcoin-core.


npm i --save bitcoin-core